Safer Schools

We are dedicated to keeping your kids safe with more secure schools and university campuses

  • School Lock Down Systems
  • Indoor and Outdoor Paging / Alarm Systems
  • Text / Email / Phone Notification
  • Stadium / Gymnasium Sound Systems
  • Conference Room Microphone Systems

Safer Industries

Plant alarms, process alarms and paging systems for any size facility.  Our technicians are certified and trained to work in refineries, power plants and other industries. We can provide alarm systems to alert any and all employees of an emergency.

Safer Communities

Our warning and notification systems help keep the public safe during emergencies.

We provide systems capable of informing the public through almost any medium including:

  • Outdoor Warning
  • Indoor Warning / Building PA
  • Text / Email / Phone / Network

Hundreds of Communities trust us to warn their citizens of impending threats.

Safer Workplaces

Notify and train your employees what to do in case of an emergency.  Let us help you get your people to safety.

  • Paging Systems
  • Text / Email / Phone Notification
  • Weather Alerting
  • Conference Room Microphone Systems
  • A/V Systems

Safer Military Installations

BVPS has installed and serviced many base-wide systems.


  • Klaxon Alarm systems
  • Giant Voice
  • Bugles
  • Overhead Paging

We Support our Troops!

Our Service Commitment

Our equipment saves lives and we take that seriously. That’s why we stand by a commitment to outstanding service, including:

  • Contract Services
  • Factory trained and certified technicians
  • Service trucks stocked with parts to repair your equipment in one trip
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Friendly, helpful staff

About Us

Our family-owned business has been a leading provider of storm sirens, mass notification systems and other safety solutions in the Midwest since 1983. We are a small business with big goals. We take pride in protecting the public during emergencies. At Blue Valley Public Safety, we use only the highest quality, most dependable equipment from Federal Signal, because people rely on our services to save lives. For quick response times and service done right, trust in Blue Valley Public Safety.

  • Experts in warning systems

    From universities to courthouses, our warning and alarm systems keep the public informed during emergencies.

  • Certified

    What makes us different? We are certified to work in refineries and industrial plants, which means that we can keep your workers safe.

  • We Warn You

    In an emergency, an effective warning can mean the difference between life and death. We take this responsibility very seriously.

  • Maintain your systems

    You can always trust in our experienced team to provide ongoing service and support for all your safety systems.

Call Blue Valley Public Safety today at (816) 847-7502 for more information about what our experts can do for you.