Our Primary Focus

BVPS has been in the business of servicing Outdoor Warning Equipment for 34 years, so we understand the requirements of the work that we do. BVPS and its personnel understand that the ability to promptly return sirens to service may be the difference between life and death, and although we cannot prevent damaging weather from occurring, we can provide service to the best of our abilities to ensure people are warned.

We have had the privilege of maintaining sirens and systems for many jurisdictions through the years. Some only require assistance when they can’t figure out the problem on their own; others such as the Callaway Nuclear Power Plant, Bagnell Dam and Westar require specific criteria and services to ensure compliance with Federal Government Agencies such as FERC, OSHA, FCC, FEMA and the NRC.

Training and Certification

BVPS is one of a handful of companies that maintain current certification with Federal Signal. We are at the forefront of the organizations that perform this type of work and we believe in training our technicians to perform service on all sirens according to factory recommendations. When new or unusual problems are identified in the field by our technicians, we contact Federal Signal to inform them and other service providers of what we found and the solutions we recommend.

  • BVPS technicians are factory-trained and certified by Federal Signal Corporation.
  • BVPS is a Federal Signal Authorized Service Center.
  • BVPS is a Woman-Owned Business.



Every BVPS service truck is stocked with at least $50,000.00 worth of parts for Federal Signal sirens and controls. We have made an investment in these parts to reduce the need for return trips to make repairs. When a return trip is required, we evaluate the job to determine if it makes sense to carry additional parts to avoid the same situation in the future. All parts and labor carry a one year warranty.


We maintain a database which includes every siren we maintain, install or sell. The ability to provide accurate information regarding the servicing of this type of equipment is paramount. When agencies are asked to provide documentation about the condition of their system, we are able to provide it. We have been able to promptly respond to all FOYA requests our Customers have received. Some examples of this information are below.

Brief Statistics (Current as of 4-16-2015)

  • BVPS currently maintains records on 3,724 individual siren sites.
  • BVPS currently works with over 538 city and county agencies.
  • Last year, BVPS performed 2,173 service calls on outdoor warning sirens.
  • BVPS currently has 17,869 job records.

Service Contracts

Since most city agencies have a need to budget the costs for the maintenance of sirens, BVPS has offered contract maintenance for over 30 years. We are familiar with bid and purchasing requirements and strive to maintain costs at an affordable level so that all cities can benefit. We have held some contracts for more than 30 years and have seen few contracts not renewed. No service contracts have ever been revoked, terminated or otherwise ended due to lack of service or a failure to perform.

Service Area

BVPS routinely services and installs sirens and other equipment in the following States:map

MO, KS, IL, IA, NE, CO, OK, TX, MS, SD and WY

We currently dispatch all service technicians out of the Kansas City area; however, we expect to open a Texas office in the near future.

The map depicts the location of sirens that we routinely maintain.

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