Keeping Communities Safe

For over 35 years, BVPS has provided warning and notification solutions to communities. We provide reliable and effective public safety solutions that will meet your budget.

Outdoor Warning Systemsimag0016

We have installed thousands of sirens in almost any environment. Our experts that can assess your needs and assist in siren placement and system design. We concentrate on a building system that will be reliable and effective, ensuring public safety.

We provide and install electronic and mechanical sirens. If you need 300 sirens to speak three languages we can do that. If you just want a simple siren that lasts up to 50 years, we can do that, too.

Indoor Warning Systems

Indoor warning systems are often the cheapest and most overlooked way of disseminating a message throughout a community. We have very reasonably priced solutions that can provide you with direct communication to schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and any other entity that wants to be connected.

Our public safety systems are immediate and cannot be ignored or avoided like text and email. There is no waiting for hours for all the calls to be placed or text messages to be delivered.

  • How would you warn all the schools in the area that they need to shelter in place?
  • How would you warn those in hotels of a tornado?

Call us today to find out how.

Mass Notification SystemsIPAWS_0

Text, email and phone dialing systems are still a good way to notify many people at once of an emergency. We have a partnership with Everbridge – the most respected provider in the industry. Find out how we can help you get the message out to increase public safety.

Other Services

  • IPAWS/EAS/WEA Alerting
  • Overhead Paging Services
  • Microphone Systems for Council Chambers
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Weather Stations
  • Tone Alert Receivers
  • Flood Warning
  • Mobile Event Warning and Public Address
  • Radio and Network Device Control
  • Lightbars for Public Works Vehicles

Reach Out Today

For more information about how Blue Valley Public Safety is working to keep your community safe, call us today at (816) 847-7502. We look forward to serving you.