Campus Safety Technology

Campus safety is steadily becoming a greater concern. Blue Valley Public Safety is prepared to do everything we can to keep your educational campus secure and your students and staff aware of any emergency situations that may arise.

Indoor Warning Systems

It may sound simple, but a good Public Address System is the simplest and most immediate way of getting the word out regarding campus safety. If your buildings don’t already have a system installed, we can provide you with one. If you have many buildings and they don’t all communicate with each other, we can make that happen as well. Our campus safety systems send out immediate alerts that can’t be ignored or avoided like texts and emails can. Additionally, there’s no waiting for hours for all the calls or text messages to go through.

Mass Notification SystemsIPAWS_0

Because texts and calls are still effective, BVPS proudly partners with Everbridge – the most respected provider of mass notification systems in the industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help improve safety on your campus.

Outdoor Warning Systems

We have installed thousands of sirens – many at college campuses. Our experts can assess your needs and assist in siren placement and system design. We concentrate on a building system that will be reliable and effective for campus safety.

Other Services

  • IPAWS/EAS/WEA Alerting
  • Classroom Audio Visual Systems
  • Weather Stations
  • Lightbars for Campus Vehicles

Contact Us for Campus Safety

Blue Valley Public Safety provides educational campuses across the Midwest with premium technology to keep students and staff safe. Call us today at (816) 847-7502 for more information.